Fated to Love You Episode 8 Recap

Episode 8: “For You, I Am Willing To Be A Chicken”…

Recap: Our married couple, pregnant Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) and baby-daddy Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan), went through quite a bit last episode. She was kidnapped (he rescued her), his company’s founding product was in jeopardy (his caring of her earned him a crucial endorsement), and they shopped together for baby items drawing emotionally closer together though he warned her NOT to fall in love with him.

At dinner Xin Yi and Cun Xi discover that tomorrow is their birthday – they are both born on the same day. She notices that Cun Xi’s expensive fountain pen needs replacing. She asks what he would like for his birthday. Cun Xi says without Anna it won’t be a perfect day. They used to go restaurant where Anna would perform on stage doing something outrageous and win them a mug with their picture and blessings for the upcoming year. Xin Yi comments that Cun Xi loves Anna very much because his eyes get soft when he speaks of her. She think Anna must be a wonderful woman. Xin Yi says that no one has ever remembered her birthday.  That’s a little tough to believe that her loving father never remembered her birthday but ok.  They agree to go to dinner together to celebrate their birthdays.

Anna is in Hong Kong with the ballet tour and gets the idea to hop a plane to Taipei to surprise Cun Xi for his birthday. This would be against tour rules to leave without permission. Anna calls Cun Xi and tells him that she’s made a reservation at their restaurant and she’ll be flying in from Hong Kong to celebrate his birthday. They are both excited about tomorrow. Anna teases Cun Xi asking if he’ll have to break a date to be with her tomorrow. Yes, he thinks, he will, and he’ll have to let down Xin Yi.

Xin Yi thinks about getting the fountain pen for Cun Xi. She tells Cun Xi she knows he is only taking her out because Anna is not available, but she’s excited nonetheless. Cun Xi asks how she wants to celebrate her birthday. She mentions seeing a movie, singing Karoke, and dinner. Cun Xi tells her he’ll do his best to fulfill her birthday wishes.

The next day en-route to the birthday fun, Cun Xi drops the bomb that Anna called him and he’ll be having dinner with Anna at their restaurant not with Xin Yi. Poor Xin Yi, she is disappointed but gracious saying that of course Cun Xi must celebrate with Anna and how wonderful she is flying in to see him. She tells him that Anna must win him another mug tonight. Cun Xi tells her the driver will take her to all the events he’s planned for her and hands her his credit card to buy whatever she wants. She shoos him out of the car and has the driver pull away. Cun Xi watches the car pull away and softly wishes her Happy Birthday.

Xin Yi is disappointed that every activity Cun Xi planned for her, she’ll have to do alone. She sees an art exhibit sign for a favorite artist and tells the driver she wants to go there. When Xin Yi arrives at the museum she asks where she can buy tickets. “Father” Dylan (the director of the museum) observes her.  She’s told the exhibit opens tomorrow and only select guests can view the exhibit today. She walks away sad, what she wanted to do, she cannot. Dylan greets her. She asks if he came to see the exhibit too. She tells him as a little girl she’d read an article where the artist said that ceramics are mud formed and polished into something beautiful. She tells Father Dylan she’s used that phrase to encourage herself, as she is an unnoticeable woman that one day could be transformed from an ugly duckling to a swan.

Xin Yi and Dylan look through the exhibit. Dylan tells her that he wishes that he hadn’t persuaded her to stick with Cun Xi. Xin Yi defends Cun Xi saying he treats her well. She starts listing all the things Cun Xi arranged for her to do today. Dylan asks her if she’s happy. Xin Yi admits she isn’t happy. She wanted to spend this first and last birthday with Cun Xi but cannot. Dylan suggests that she go find him. Xin Yi says she wants to buy him a gift, give it to him in person, and tell him Happy Birthday.  Dylan takes her to the store and she buys the fountain pen (with her own money). She and Dylan head to the restaurant Cun Xi and Anna will dine at that evening.

Anna is getting ready to sneak out to catch a flight to Taipei when rival dancer stops her and threatens to tell the director she is breaking the rules. Things get a little tense between them then the dancer pretends she was just kidding. She tells Anna to take the stairs so the director will not see her leaving. Anna thanks the dancer and heads down the stairs. The dancer has put marbles on the stairs and Anna slips and falls.  The rival dancer smiles with satisfaction.

Cun Xi is seated near Xin Yi and Dylan (Xin Yi hides behind her menu so he won’t see her). She’s trapped. Xin Yi watches Cun Xi waiting for Anna. Dylan gets a call. He is needed at the art gallery.  Xin Yi convinces the guy in the chicken suit to let her borrow the suit so she can leave the restaurant without Cun Xi seeing her. In the chicken suit, Xin Yi watches Cun Xi from the lobby, it has been an hour, but no Anna. It’s time for the birthday show and Anna’s name is called to perform, but she’s not there. This is awkward and Cun Xi is embarrassed. He announces to the everyone his girlfriend isn’t coming and he apologizes for interrupting their dinner.

Xin Yi puts a sticky note on her gift. She marches to the stage. She dances but isn’t very good. She juggles and is even worse.

She then gathers glasses of water and with a spoon plays a passable version of Happy Birthday…and the crowd joins in singing Happy Birthday to Cun Xi.

Cun Xi goes to the stage and assumes it is Anna wearing the Chicken suit. He hugs her then tries to take the head off the costume. Xin Yi pushes him away. Cun Xi receives a call from Anson that Anna never flew into Taipei. Xin Yi pretends she is the chicken suit guy. Cun Xi assumes he looked loney so chicken suit guy helped him out.

He invites chicken suit guy to dinner.  He tells chicken suit guy that he reminds him of someone he knows. Someone that is celebrating her birthday. Someone that was stood up by him. He tells the chicken that Xin Yi is a nice girl who works hard but never receives anything in return. He says he broke his date with her for Anna.  He says she can be easily bullied and taken advantage of and it really bothers him when that happens. Cun Xi admits he treats her worse than others. He says he feels guilty for breaking their date today. Because Anna stood him up he knows how awful it is to be alone on your birthday. Cun Xi says he should go find Xin Yi and wish her Happy Birthday. Xin Yi cries in the chicken suit, he cares, he really cares.

Cun Xi calls Xin Yi. Her cell phone rings (INSIDE THE CHICKEN SUIT). He pulls off the chicken head, furious that she’s been listening to his confession. Xin Yi says HE forced her to stay for dinner. He isn’t happy with that. She continues that bullying a nice girl like her will send him to hell. He isn’t happy with that either. She tells him she just came to see Anna give him a wonderful gift.

The waiter drops off the souvenir mug (complete with picture of Cun Xi and Xin Yi in the chicken suit) and the gift Xin Yi left at the counter for Cun Xi. Cun Xi reads the sticky note on the gift. “Sorry I’m not able to be here. Happy Birthday. Anna.” Cun Xi opens the gift (Xin Yi is giddy with anticipation because the gift is really from her).  Cun Xi looks at the pen and remarks without Anna, it does not matter what the present is.

Her stomach growls and Cun Xi can not believe she has not eaten. He tells her it is time to celebrate her birthday. Does she want ginger buns (her go-to food during pregnancy)? She tells him it is too late, the last ferry to island has already gone. He scoffs at this and tells her there is NOTHING he can’t do. He tells her there are 2 hours left in the day, “grab your chicken head and let’s go”.  He drives like a crazy man to the dock calling Anson to see if he’s accomplished what he asked him to do. At the dock they get out of the car. Xin Yi tells him it is no use, the ferry  is gone.

He waves his hands in front of her, abracadabra, turns and voila – it is a boat complete with their baby’s name “Nian Pin” on it! She is stunned and he is giddy.

He tells her whenever she wants to go the island to visit her family or get ginger buns, this boat has been purchased strictly for her use. How sweet. She is blown away.

He tells her keeping her happy and healthy is worth any cost. Sweet! He continues that since she’s never celebrated her birthday, this gift should make up for 28 years without gifts. Super Sweet!

He gets on the boat and holds out his hand to help her onto the boat. She thinks of Prince Charming. She tells herself that Cun Xi will never be hers. In 7 months, she’ll have to return him to Anna.

She hesitates but takes his hand and gets on the boat.

They navigate to the island. Xin Yi worries that the Granny that makes the ginger buns will have gone to bed. Cun Xi is confident that she’ll have ginger buns tonight.

Xin Yi thinks “Cun Xi, even if we only have 7 months left, I want to make as many memories together as we can. This could be the happiest 7 months of my life.”

* Cun Xi telling Xin Yi that he could not celebrate her birthday with her en-route to the celebration activities was not the kindest way to let her down. You can see the conflict in Cun Xi. He doesn’t want to hurt Xin Yi, but Anna is his girlfriend and has the priority.
* The actors that played the American dancers in Anna’s dance troupe were ok. The worst “American” actors I’ve ever seen were in King 2 Hearts where you cringed at the terrible “acting”. At least these actors gave me the idea of the emotion they were supposed to be portraying and their dialog delivery was not totally stilted.
* Xin Yi marking HER gift from Anna shows how she puts others happiness before her own. She couldn’t bear to see Cun Xi disappointed and was willing to dress as a chicken, dance, and perform music on water goblets. Interesting that Cun Xi did not suspect the gift was really from Xin Yi….after all the note from Anna was on a sticky note.
* Cun Xi is selfish but to his credit he IS recognizing that Xin Yi has needs and the right to happiness too. Buying her the boat to make up for 28 years without a birthday gift, so she can visit her family whenever she wants, so she can buy ginger buns whenever she wants….awesome. Xin Yi is totally falling in love with Cun Xi. Who wouldn’t?

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