Fated to Love You Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7: “Sorry, I Wronged You”…

Recap: Our married couple (until the baby is born), pregnant Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) and baby-daddy Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan) are angry with each other. Xin Yi is angry because Cun Xi considered selling the island factory breaking his promise. Cun Xi is mad because his entire life is upside down; he was drugged by the islanders, got Xin Yi pregnant, and is now married. At the end of the last episode, Xin Yi and her sister elect to leave Cun Xi’s house.

Xin Yi and her sister go to catch a ferry to the island but they missed the last one. They resolve to wait until morning. Xin Yi tells her sister that she understands Cun Xi being upset, his world is haywire. Her sister tells her that selling the factory is a broken promise and she needs to make him pay. They both notice the night air is colder than expected. Cun Xi drives to the dock and observes the two women, cold and alone. He sends a man with hot yams to the women so at least they have something warm in their bellies. The yam vendor tells Cun Xi that he hopes he and his wife reconcile, it is obvious he cares about her. Cun Xi elects to watch over the women and gets out the baby doctor books to read and strategize how best to convince the doctor to endorse his soap.

Unbeknownst to Cun Xi, Stephen Zhou and Zheng Ren drive up and observe the women. Zheng Ren tells Stephen Zhou that Xin Yi is is pregnant with the heir. Stephen Zhou sees an obviously pregnant woman but it is Xin Yi’s sister not Xin Yi.  Stephen Zhou realizes that if he kidnaps Cun Xi’s wife, he’ll be able to force Cun Xi to sell the factory to him. Like the snake he is, Zheng Ren says since Xin Yi can recognize him, Stephen Zhou has to handle the kidnapping solo and he slithers away. Zheng Ren promises himself that Cun Xi, his wife and baby won’t be able to stop him from taking over the company.

Stephen Zhou’s men approach Xin Yi and her sister with an invitation to coffee. Cun Xi doesn’t see this interaction. His nose is buried in the baby doctor’s books. When Cun Xi wakes in the car the next morning, he sees the women are gone and believes they’ve caught the ferry to island. Xin Yi’s sister’s husband comes up to Cun Xi and thanks him for picking him up. Cun Xi has no idea what he is talking about, the women went to the island. Brother-in-law says no way, he was on the first ferry. Cun Xi agrees to give brother-in-law a ride.

Meanwhile Xin Yi and her sister are mystified why they are in a warehouse with coffee and cakes in front of them. They ask Stephen Zhou why he brought them to the warehouse. Stephen Zhou says he only wants them to enjoy the coffee and have a chat with him. Xin Yi’s sister says we don’t know you, what is there to talk about. Stephen Zhou states they can talk about her husband. Again Stephen Zhou thinks he is speaking with Xin Yi NOT her sister. Stephen Zhou tells her he has a grudge against her husband. Xin Yi’s sister tells Stephen Zhou that she’s pregnant and to stop with the threatening tone. Stephen Zhou tells her his problem is with her husband, if they don’t try to escape, they will not be hurt. Xin Yi’s sister asks why Stephen Zhou has a grudge against her husband. He replies that he broke a promise to him. She sympathizes saying she’s experienced the same. Stephen Zhou and Xin Yi’s sister seem to understand each other.

Baby doctor leaves his home to head to the conference when Cun Xi approaches him. Baby doctor tries to dismiss him but Cun Xi tells him he has read the books as the doctor requested. The doctor quizzes him and finds indeed Cun Xi read the books. Cun Xi admits that initially he put business first, but sees things differently now. He knows that baby doctor wanted him to attend the baby class because he was not a good husband to Xin Yi. He admits not being a good husband would directly affect the baby. The class and books helped him see that he needs to respect Xin Yi. Baby doctor is impressed but not enough to endorse the soap. Brother-in-law hands him his cell phone saying it is an important phone call. Cun Xi takes the call to hear Stephen Zhou tell him that he has his wife and sister. Brother-in-law demands they go find the women, that they need their protection. Cun Xi agrees that caring for their pregnant wives is the right thing to do and the business discussion can wait for another day. He and brother-in-law leave the baby doctor.

Stephen Zhou tells the women the husband is on the way and as long as he does what he tells him to do, they won’t be harmed. He threatens them and the women realize that he is not a nice man. Xin Yi’s sister says her husband Qi Qi will save her. Stephen Zhou asks who is Qi Qi? Xin Yi’s sister says that is her husband. He asks your husband isn’t Cun Xi? Xin Yi tells him no. Stephan Zhou rails at his henchmen that they kidnapped the wrong women. Xin Yi asks why Stephen Zhou wants Cun Xi’s wife. Stephen Zhou tells her that Cun Xi refused to sell him the factory on the island and must reverse the decision. Xin Yi blurts out to her sister than she misjudged Cun Xi. Stephen Zhou realizes Xin Yi is Cun Xi’s wife, game on! He tells her unless Cun Xi signs the contract, her baby may never be born.

ep7_8ep7_9Xin Yi pulls her keys out of her pocket rubbing the chip from the cruise ship that Cun Xi gave her (to remind her that she always has the ability to make a stand in life). Xin Yi boldly approaches Stephen Zhou telling him that her husband will NOT sell to him. Cun Xi and Qi Qi arrive and watch from the window. Xin Yi declares she has courage, the island is her family’s home, and she is not afraid of him. Stephen Zhou goes to hit Xin Yi and the men burst into the room. Stephen Zhou is thrilled his real target has finally arrived. Cun Xi declares that the island is his child’s second home and if his wife says don’t sell it, then he won’t. Xin Yi is amazed at his support.

Cun Xi puts his arm around her and says she sounded like a Ji wife and not a passive sticky note.

ep7_11 ep7_12
Stephen Zhou tell Cun Xi words won’t get him out of this mess. Qi Qi says they’ll fight and win. Stephen Zhou orders his henchmen NOT to interfere. He is going to teach these two men a hard lesson. Qi Qi asks Cun Xi if he is good at fighting. Cun Xi says doesn’t know how to fight. Qi Qi can’t believe it, if this were a drama, Cun Xi would be a martial artist. After all he is rich and handsome, everything goes his way. Cute, cute. Stephen Zhou interrupts their bickering and says it is time to fight.

Qi Qi pushes Cun Xi out of the way. Stephen Zhou delivers a blow that knocks him back and bloodies his nose. Cun Xi steps up and says he’ll do the fighting now. He gets a hard hit and a bloody nose. Cun Xi spots the golf clubs and realizes these can even the playing field. He tries to get the others to notice but ends up looking ridiculous with his fighting poses and is rewarded with another blow to his face. Qi Qi finally notices the golf clubs and grabs one, striking Stephen Zhou in the head, and down he goes!

Cun Xi orders the henchmen to remove their boss. Cun Xi says he had to use a small trick to reach his goal and ironically Stephen Zhou taught him that! Qi Qi tells him he can’t fight but he sure is smart!

Oh no, in the excitement Xin Yi’s sister has gone into labor. They hurry to settle her onto the couch. Anson calls Cun Xi asking why isn’t he at the conference. Cun Xi tells Anson to get the baby doctor. Xin Yi’s sister is in labor. Anson interrupts baby doctor who is giving the opening speech. On speaker, Cun Xi convinces the doctor he must help. Baby doctor directs Cun Xi how to deliver the baby. Qi Qi starts to video tape the process but faints when he sees blood. Xin Yi and Cun Xi work together to deliver a healthy baby boy.
Everyone at the medical conference is thrilled! Anson hugs baby doctor! Xin Yi’s sister says Cun Xi must hold the baby. Now Cun Xi is nervous and unsure. She tells him he saved the island, delivered her baby, he can hold the little one safely. Xin Yi thanks him for his efforts. Cun Xi tells her Stephen Zhou kidnapping them was because of him. Xin Yi says because he refused the deal, the kidnapping happened.

She apologizes for not believing in him. Cun Xi says he’d hoped the roasted yams would have improved her thoughts about him. Xin Yi now sees he’s been her guardian angel. She hugs him telling him she’s sorry for not believing in him, for her brother-in-law drugging him, for everything. It is a nice moment between them, they really connect.

At the hospital she agrees to move back into the house until the baby is born. Anson arrives and tells him the inheritance soap has been defeated by their competition. Anson tells (and blames) Xin Yi that Cun Xi missed the opportunity to get baby doctor’s endorsement for inheritance soap because her sister went into labor. Xin Yi asks Cun Xi why he didn’t share this problem with her. Cun Xi says inheritance soap is an excellent product and will continue on with or without baby doctor’s endorsement. Xin Yi gets out her key ring and shows him the chip from the cruise ship. She tells him they’ll talk to baby doctor together.

She finds baby doctor and asks him to reconsider endorsing inheritance soap. She gives an impassioned speech. Baby doctor leads them to the infant room where inheritance soap is displayed and used!

Baby doctor tells Cun Xi when he bypassed the opportunity to make money to help Xin Yi’s sister and deliver the baby, he felt that Cun Xi was the kind of man he’d want to endorse a product for.

Qi Qi regales his family about his heroism saving his wife and unborn child by single handedly defeating Stephen Zhoul.

Cun Xi and Xin Yi shop for baby items. Cun Xi buys an unassembled rocking horse so he can make the baby something with his own hands (so sweet).

Xin Yi is drawn to the family outfits. Cun Xi notes that Anna wouldn’t wear the mother’s outfit. Cun Xi immediately realizes he has said something insensitive and he quickly focuses Xin Yi on the remaining items on the shopping list. Xin Yi’s stomach growls and Cun Xi takes her to lunch. The food is fancier than she wants. He orders he simple food. He feels something for her. He cover this by admonishing her that he is only be nice to the baby and she should not misunderstand. She tells him she understands. She assures him she won’t fall in love with him.

* This couple has chemistry and as they get to know each other more, have sweet and cute moments where they let their guard down with each other. You can see feelings are developing between the two of them.
* I liked that it was a team effort to defeat Stephen Zhou and deliver Xin Yi’s sister’s baby. As many moments in this series, it was overacted, but I accept that element of this production.
* I liked that baby doctor saw the good in Cun Xi and credited Xin Yi with his transformation. She is the reason he is evolving and it is fun to watch.
* I loved Xin Yi encouraging Cun Xi with the casino chip he gave her. I loved that she told HIM to press on (keep going and not give up) as he originally encouraged her.
* This pairing is really working for me. The story line is working for me. The characters are working for me. I’m into this show.

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