Fated to Love You Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5: “It’s Not Easy To Be Ji Cun Xi’s Bride”...

Recap: Our couple, Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) and Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan) got married last episode. Due to a misunderstanding Cun Xi believes that Xin Yi tricked him into sleeping with her. Angry he asked his lawyer to have Xin Yi bring home divorce papers. Clueless that she is bringing divorce papers Xin Yi walks to the Ji Mansion. “Father” Dylan spots Xin Yi and offers to drive her home. He sees the divorce papers.

As Xin Yi stares at the big house Cun Xi’s step-mother, Ji Liu Xiu Lin, drives up and gives Xin Yi all her shopping bags thinking she is the new maid.

Grandma Ji is thrilled to have Xin Yi at the house and quickly informs step-mother that Xin Yi is carrying the Ji heir.

Xin Yi waits in Cun Xi’s bedroom for him. She accidentally presses play on the video of Anna and Cun Xi he watched last night. Cun Xi returns home and is angry she is watching the video. He coldly informs her that he has 3 rules she must abide by: 1) do not touch anything in the bedroom, 2) do not let any one know they are married in public, 3) she must divorce him once the baby is born. Per the divorce papers she’ll receive a lump sum of money and she must leave the baby in his care.  Cun Xi coldly tells her all she needs to do is deliver a healthy baby then disappear with the money. Cun Xi warns her NOT to fall in love with him or he’ll end the marriage right away and close the island factory all her family and friends depend upon for their livelihood.

Xin Yi says that clearly Anna is important to him and she believes they’ll make good parents for the baby. Cun Xi firmly tells her to SIGN the divorce papers so she can not trick him again. Xin Yi says he is obviously upset that he had to marry her and the islanders wanted them to marry too. She simply says she loves the island and its people and if he protects them she will sign the divorce papers. She promises to leave after the baby is born. She crosses out the money portion of the divorce papers before signing. She hands him the papers for his signature telling him he’ll learn that treating someone fairly does not require compensation. She sleeps on the couch in the sitting area of the bedroom while Cun Xi sleeps fitfully in the bed. Xin Yi wonders why Cun Xi’s attitude is so different today, what happened?  Cun Xi wonders why he does not feel good after hurting her. Why does he feel guilty?

The next morning Xin Yi has put helpful sticky notes around the bedroom that infuriate Cun Xi. She makes breakfast for Grandma Ji and Cun Xi. He is rude to her angering Grandma Ji. She orders Cun Xi to take Xin Yi to the doctor’s appointment she made for then. Cun Xi tries to avoid accompanying Xin Yi but ends up in the waiting room (with the little dog “baby Ji” in a stroller, LOL). The doctor is NOT impressed when Cun Xi takes 2 phone calls during the visit. The doctor tells Cun Xi his job is to take care of his wife during this pregnancy. Cun Xi is dismissive with the doctor who tells him to get his act together, take care of his wife, or DO NOT COME BACK!

Cun Xi tells Xin Yi they need to pretend like they spent they day together. She takes “baby Ji” and he goes to attend to business. He directs her to meet him in front of the house so they can enter together and pretend they spent the whole day together.  Xin Ji heads to the orphange and let the children play with “baby Ji” while she accompanies “Father” Dylan to see a mural he is painting. They paint companionably and Dylan tells her the story of how he and his sister named Xin Yi were separated when they were quite young and homeless after their parents died. Dylan asks about the divorce papers admitting he saw them the previous evening. Xin Yi confirms she signed them because she plans to be like a post-it note after the baby is born and simply disappear without a trace. She tells Dylan that his sister is out there waiting for him to find her, and he will find her. He tells her she must continue to be happy.

The children enter upset because “baby Ji” is missing. They all search for the little white dog to no avail.

Meanwhile Cun Xi plays golf with a business man that wants to buy the factory on the island. Cun Xi proposes that he make an offer and he’ll strongly consider it.  The business man tells him if he buys the factory, he’ll tear it down and bury his stash of mercury. The business man nonchalantly states the mercury will poison the island and even potentially cause birth defects. Thank goodness the island does not have many inhabitants! That makes Cun Xi pause and think about his promise to Xin Yi to take care of the factory workers. Guilt starts to plague him.

When Xin Yi returns home WITHOUT “baby Ji” Grandma is beside herself and states that Cun Xi adores the dog and will be devastated.

When Cun Xi returns home, step-mother lets it slip that Xin Yi lost “baby Ji”. As expected Cun Xi gets angry demanding that Xin Yi search for the dog. Grandma Ji yells at Cun Xi for his mistreatment of Xin Yi. She tells him he must go after Xin Yi. She firmly tells him his job is to take care of Xin Yi and the unborn Ji heir.

Xin Yi runs into “Father” Dylan while searching for “baby Ji”. Cun Xi spies them and rushes up thinking a strange man is trying to kidnap her.

Xin Yi introduces the two men. “Father” Dylan says that most men do not give their new brides divorce papers! Cun Xi can not believe Xin Yi told him. Dylan quips that people confess their troubles to their priest. Cun Xi tells Xin Yi that even though he is a priest she should not let him touch her (jealous much?).

Dylan echoes my reaction and tells Cun Xi that he should not be jealous of a priest. Cun Xi counters that he should not be out late at night and instead be listening to confessions in church.

Dylan gets the hint and before leaving tells Xin Yi should she need a supportive listener to call him…anytime…day or night. Cun Xi reminds Xin Yi she took a vow at the temple to be a good housewife and she must fulfill that promise. Dylan tells Xin Yi to take care, have courage in her marriage, and call him if she needs him.

Cun Xi tells Dylan he talks too much for a priest. Cun Xi pulls her away from Dylan asking why is a priest telling her to have courage? The whole interchange between the three of them was the highlight of the episode and well written and acted.

They diligently search for “baby Ji” and as luck has it they find him tied up outside a cafe with the sign “dog meat”. They misunderstand and think the owner will hurt “baby Ji”. Xin Yi throws herself between the dog and the owner when she believes he will harm the dog. Cun Xi rushes and stops the owner from approaching Xin Yi and the dog.  The owner thinks they are nuts and explains he found the dog wandering the streets and was simply taking care of him. In fact he pulls off his apron to reveal he is a member of the dog protection society.

Cun Xi asks Xin Yi why she threw herself between the owner and the dog. Xin Yi simply says that she thought “baby Ji” was in danger, “baby Ji” is important to him, and didn’t he tell her she could not return home unless she found “baby Ji”?  He chides her that her health and safety are the priority.

He notices she is cold and slips his jacket around her shoulders. There is a moment when they stare into each others eyes…then Cun Xi pulls away and gruffly tells her they need to walk home. He tells “baby Ji” on the way home he needs to help to take care of Xin Yi. Cute, cute, cute.

When they get back home, Cun Xi tells Xin Yi to get a shower to warm and relax after a tiring day. Xin Yi heads to the bathroom. Anna calls Cun Xi and they chat companionably until Xin Yi calls out for him and it is obvious something is wrong. Cun Xi promptly hangs up on Anna and rushes to the bathroom to find Xin Yi upset the hot water ran out and now she’s wet and cold. Cun Yi bundles her up saying don’t be shy, he’s seen everything already. Meanwhile Anna stares at the phone in shock. Cun Xi has never hung up on her before…

* The rapport between Xin Yi and Dylan is excellent. They really seem like good friends. There is no sexual tension because he is a “priest”.
* The scene between Cun Xi, Xin Ji and Dylan was terrific. It was obvious Cun Xi was jealous that Xin Yi was open and friendly with Dylan. All three actors gave it their all making that scene zip along with humor and solidifying that Cun Xi feels something besides anger for Xin Yi. Nothing makes an episode sing like scenes with good writing and acting.
* I liked that even though Cin Xi is angry at Xin Yi and treated her poorly, he is NOT being cruel. He is being mean. And that difference keeps Cun Xi human and acceptable. Cun Xi really is torn about selling the factory to the business man that will use at as chemical dumping ground. I’m curious if he’ll back out of the deal.
* Baby Ji is the cutest little dog with some fantastic facial expressions. He is a more subtle actor than Grandma Ji.

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