Fated to Love You Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3: “What? The Baby is Mine”…

Our couple, Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) and Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan) get on the boat to go the island (though they are unaware of each other on the boat). Cun Xi accidentally falls off the boat but no one hears him yell for help. At the dock, Xin Yi’s mother and two sisters are stunned when Xin Yi admits she is pregnant.

Cun Xi retrieves the memory card with the scandalous pictures. He tosses the memory card into the sea. When hiding from the plant protesters he overhears Xin Yi’s mother railing at her for being pregnant. She tries to get Xin Yi to tell the father’s name but she refuses. Xin Yi states the baby’s father is a good man, in love with another woman and does not need to know about this pregnancy. When the mother goes to strike her, Cun Xi blocks her and takes the blows himself. Mother demands identification. Cun Xi lost his wallet in the water. To provide ID and prove he is not an illegal immigrant (an erroneous conclusion Xin Yi’s mother makes) he has Xin Yi’s mother call his Grandmother.

Meanwhile Cun Xi’s step-mother, Ji Liu Xiu Lin, and her son, Ji Zheng Ren, desperate to return to favored status in the family, visit Grandma Ji and show her the scandalous photos of Cun Xi and the blurred woman. Dylan who is visiting Grandma Ji figures out the blurred woman is Xin Yi who confessed her pregnancy when she erroneously thought he was a priest. Shocking everyone, Grandma Ji is thrilled that Cun Xi is two timing his girlfriend Anna whose career focus denies pregnancy for several years. When she receives a phone call from Xin Yi’s mother that her daughter is pregnant with Cun Xi’s baby she is positively overjoyed. She agrees to come to the island the next day to meet with the family. Grandma Ji agrees that Zheng Ren should become Cun Xi’s assistant to ease his workload during the pregnancy.

Cun Xi and Xin Yi discuss the pregnancy and whether they should abort the baby. Xin Yi feels that this may be best so Cun Xi’s relationship with Anna and reputation are not destroyed. Cun Xi agrees that he wants the pregnancy terminated.  They have a sweet moment when he is unable to sleep without his childhood blanket and she lulls him to sleep by singing to him.

The next day Xin Yi heads to the hospital solo to have the abortion. Cun Xi rushes to the hospital to support her through the process. You can see they start to doubt their decision when they hear the baby’s heartbeat.

The doctor is about to administer anesthesia when Cun Xi rushes through the door declaring they will have the baby.

As they exit the hospital Xin Yi’s mother, sister and Grandma Ji drive up. They are relieved the couple did not end the pregnancy. Grandma Ji shepards Xin Yi into the car and makes Cun Xi walk as Xin Yi potentially has the precious 10th generation Ji heir inside her.


* The acting in this drama is broad and slapstick. Accept it, go with it, and enjoy the show.
* Cun Xi clearly sees that Xin Yi wants the best for him and is not interested in his money or his status.
* When they contemplated abortion, came to the conclusion they should, then reversed the decision, that seemed realistic for these characters.
* Cun Xi and Xin Yi work as a couple. He wants her to gain courage and have direction. She wants his happiness is willing to step aside if needed.

Fated to Love You
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