The Americans Episode 6 Recap (Season 1)

Episode 6: “Trust Me”…

The Americans and the Russians work to protect and find the mole within KGB. Trust is broken as suspicions increase. Philip and Elizabeth, married KGB spies, take a hit to their marriage. FBI neighbor Stan’s plan to keep Nina (his Rezidentura mole) safe puts her at risk.

What I liked about this episode:

* This episode had terrific parallel stories. Our arranged marriage KGB spies Philip (played by Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (played by Keri Russell) were in major jeopardy while unbeknownst to them their two children, 14 year-old Paige (played by Holly Taylor) and 11 year-old Henry (played by Keidrich Sellati),  were also in jeopardy.

* This was a great episode. Finally an episode that comes close to the pilot. This episode was tight, tense, and you really wondered how both Philip & Elizabeth and Paige & Henry were going to get out of the mess they had landed in.

* The Russians are hunting the mole in their organization. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

* Philip is taken hostage and interrogated by the Americans. They know all about him, Elizabeth and the children.
* To break Philip, they capture Elizabeth. Elizabeth did not go down without a fight. She gave a major smack-down to the first agent before the second agent knocked her out.
* Philip and Elizabeth now must choose, cave to the Americans or die. They choose death in an impressive display of solidarity.
* Grandma Russian Agent appears and reveals that they HAD to determine if the Philip and Elizabeth were the moles. Philip and Elizabeth do not take this lightly. Elizabeth gives a major smack-down to Grandma Russian Agent, wanting to kill her in her fury at not being trusted.
* As they leave Philip realizes that Elizabeth must have said something to tip off the potential for them to betray Russia. Elizabeth admits she told them that Philip seemed to like America too much but that was long ago. Philip is livid and at the end of the episode elects to sleep in another room.

ep6_7* In the parallel story, Paige and Henry have been stranded at the Mall because Elizabeth did not show up to take them home. Paige elects to hitch hick home. When a guy stops and offers a ride, everything in you yells DO NOT GET IN THE CAR. But they do. Henry does not trust the man. This is warranted. In a creepy scene at a deserted park Henry saves Paige and they run for their lives. They make a pack to keep this incident a secret.

* The parents AND the children kept secrets about the jeopardy they were in from each other this episode. Nice writing.

ep6_6* Stan, the FBI neighbor,asks Nina to take even greater risks and must help throw suspicion off her and onto another. Excellent moves by Stan. It appears that he is beginning to care about Nina. That should ratchet up things up.

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