You’re All Surrounded Episode 7 Recap

EPISODE 7: “A person coming…”

…We begin episode 7 with rookie detective Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara) replaying the kiss rookie detective Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi) planted on her in the locker room. The images are keeping her awake.

Soo Sun thinks back to 24 hours earlier when her mother arrived to visit. She begged Dae Koo and two rookie detective roommates Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyeon), and Ji Kook (Park Jung Min) to let her sleep in their apartment so her mother would not find out she was sleeping in a tent on a roof. Tae Il and Ji Kook agree but Dae Koo refuses. It’s too late as her mother is already in the apartment. At dinner her mother openly flirts with Dae Koo and Tae Il while ignoring Ji Kook. When Mom toddles to bed wearing a facial mask the 4 rookie detectives head to the rooftop to drink a couple of beers and bond. The conversation that ensues was really nice and you can see our rookies gelling.

Sa Kyung returns home to find Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) waiting for her. She tries to brush him off but he won’t be detoured. He asks if they can start over.

We see Tae Il stare at a picture of a boy and Soo Sun pulls out a pendant that looks like the one Dae Koo’s mother’s killer Boots wore. How does she have this pendant? What’s the connection?

Now we are back to present day, Soo Sun continues to toss and turn thinking about the kiss and wonders if he likes her. Dae Koo also thinks of the kiss and tries to push it out of his mind.

The next morning Soo Sun sees her mother off at the bus station. As she gets into an elevator at work Dae Koo turns to avoid her, but tells himself NOT to avoid her and enters the elevator much so Soo Sun’s discomfort. Ji Kook gets on the elevator with them and it is a bit of an awkward ride up to their office. Unbeknownst to Dae Koo, Boots watches the 3 rookies exit the elevator and head to their office.

A fellow detective tells Ji Kook that Tae Il is gay. Ji Kook doesn’t believe him but a seed of doubt of is planted in his mind.

The next case is finding two guys that stabbed another guy in food cart dining area. The only person that can identify the criminals is the food cart owner. She is coming to the police station for a lineup. The food cart owner is nervous during the lineup. She visibly flinches as she recognizes one of the attackers but denies recognition. Pan Seok tells the witness that he’ll protect her. This hits too close to home for Dae Koo who remembers Pan Seok making the same promise to his mother.

Dae Koo tells Pan Seok to stop badgering the witness. Pan Seok is furious that Dae Koo is interrupting him. Dae Koo cites his own mother’s case when Pan Seok promised to protect a witness who was killed. Dae Koo states Pan Seok is blind to the fact that catching criminals can put the witnesses at risk of retaliation. Pan Seok is livid at Dae Koo’s insolence.  He yells at Dae Koo to resign immediately. I must say when Dae Koo and Pan Seok go after each other, the anger is palatable. Good job by the actors in this scene.

Dae Koo is frustrated beyond belief that he lost his cool with Pan Seok and cited his mother’s case. Partner Lee Eung Do (Sung Ji Ru) notices Pan Seok looking at Dae Koo’s file. He is surprised Dae Koo is from an orphanage. Pan Seok tells him to investigate Dae Koo. He wants to find out why Dae Koo has a grudge against him.  Eung Doo grabs the 3 rookie detectives to follow then stake out of the criminal the witness recognized but refused to identify (Dae Koo is excluded from going).

Pan Seok and Sa Kyung have a cute moment at the police station when she walks by him and slips him a note. The heart shaped note tells him to meet her that evening at the place they first met. Pan Seok grins like a school boy. So darling!

Boots calls Pan Seok (and Dae Koo listens on the duplicate phone) and they agree to meet. Dae Koo follows Pan Seok to his rendezvous with Boots. Pan Seok spots the criminal that Eung Do and other other rookies have staked out. He gives chase but loses him when the criminal ducks into a subway car. The criminal taunts Pan Seok as the subway pulls away from the station. Dae Koo is frustrated that Boots has slipped through his fingers again. At the station Pan Seok orders Eung Do to do whatever it takes to find the criminal. To that end, Eung Do sends partners Dae Koo and Soo Sun to the criminal’s home town and tells them to stay in a rented room in a house.

Once Dae Koo and Soo Sun arrive at the island home town they determine the criminal has not shown up yet. The house only has 1 room to rent, not 2.

Meanwhile Eung Do sends Tae Il and Ji Wook to stake out a location in town. Ji Wook tells Tae Il they should solidify their friendship by sharing one secret with each other. Ji Wook starts to tell Tae Il there is this girl he likes and Tae Il immediately states that the girl is Soo Sun. Tae Il whispers his secret to Ji Wook so we don’t know what it is.  

Back at the island Soo Sun tells Dae Koo that she is concentrating on her career. She asks Dae Koo why he kissed her. Dae Koo says there is a reason but won’t say what it is. That frustrates Soo Sun. Dae Koo tells her if she feels wronged then she should kiss him. She stares in shock.

Dae Koo returns to his deck table/bed. Soo Sun gets Dae Koo blankets and a pillow. She tells him she’s not mad anymore and relieved that he does not like her. Soo Sun and Dae Koo agree to start fresh. Soo Sun tells him to call her if he needs her for anything. Then Soo Sun heads to bed and Dae Koo tries to get comfortable. Turns out the bathroom is an outhouse and that spooks Dae Koo. So he swallows his pride and asks Soo Sun to accompany him. She waits outside while he uses the bathroom. To amuse herself Soo Sun sings and dances a song from 12 years ago.  Dae Koo flashes back to memory of a young Soo Sun singing and dancing to that song. The loveliest smile stretches across Dae Koo’s face. When Soo Sun whines he is taking too long, he tells her just another minute more. She goes back to singing and dancing and Dae Koo watches smiling. The episode ends.

* This episode we inch forward in relationship progress – for Dae Koo and Soo Sun, for Pan Seok and Sa Kyung, and for Tae Il and Ji Wook.
* We got a tease of Boots watching Dae Koo and calling Pan Seok but nothing substantial happened.
* Why does Soo Sun have the pendant or a similar pendant to the one that Boots wore when he killed Dae Koo’s mother?
* Even if you aren’t a big Lee Seung Gi fan you must admit his smile and enjoyment watching Soo Sun sing and dance like she did 12 years earlier was darling.

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