Vampire Prosecutor Episode 10 Recap

EPISODE 10: “Marriage”…
A reality show where players seek to find the one to marry turns out to be an opportunity for murder. This story had many twists and turns. In the end, a little trickery from Tae Yeon cracks the case.

I liked:

* Jung In’s trust in Soon Bum that he could get the suspects to talk quicker than she could. She was willing to let him take the lead. Good teamwork and shows the respect they now have for each other.

* Dong Man saying the Jung In has NEVER had a boyfriend. Tae Yeon enjoyed the poke at Jung In and she was nonplused at Dong Man. Later at the team barbecue he tells her they need to rid her of her single status. Jung In looks longingly at Tae Yeon.
* The post murder barbecue. The pictures show what a great team they’ve become over the course of this series. Darling that Soon Bum had to show Tae Yeon how to make a V with his fingers.

* Buddy vampire Mr La is in trouble and Tae Yeon goes to the police station to see why he is a murder suspect.  It was weird to see Mr La subdued. He’s been all swagger but he seemed to shrink into himself. He refused to talk to Tae Yeon.

* Finally Tae Yeon  got some information from Mr La. He was very shaken up thinking HE created the big bad vampire (big reveal) by performing a blood transfusion of vampire blood into human. This was 7 years ago when as a doctor he was researching blood. He decided to determine if vampire blood could save a human life. He did a transfusion on a human who then turned into the big bad vampire.

* Only 2 more episodes then this series is a wrap. Will we learn the identify of the big bad vampire?


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