Fated to Love You Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2: “Pregnant? Stop Kidding, Cupid”…

Our couple, Chen Xin Yi (played by Joe Chen) and Ji Cun Xi (played by Ethan Juan) met on the 2 day / 1 night cruise. They had their drugged encounter each thinking they were making love to their respective boyfriend/girlfriend but got the shock of their lives when the lights came on (episode 1).

The cruise ship docks and Xin Yi and Cun Xi exit together. She thanks him for letting her sleep in his cabin last night. He thanks her for saving him from embarrassment in front of the crew who thought she was Anna (his girlfriend) and newly engaged to him. Xin Yi asks that he be lenient to her brother-in-law and his father who took pictures designed to create a scandal. Cun Xi tells her he told the police to let them go. He asks her to relay to them he will won’t change his mind. They agree to forget their encounter. Xin Yi returns his engagement ring to him. He encourages her to have more confidence with others, as people tend to take advantage of her. They go their separate ways.

Xin Yi’s brother-in-law and his father are released and are thrilled that while the camera went into the sea, the memory card with the scandalous pictures did not!

Cun Xi’s step-mother, Ji Liu Xiu Lin, and her son, Ji Zheng Ren, are desperate for not only money but favored status in the family. They decide buying an expensive item at an auction is the ticket to charm Grandma Ji and put them back in her favor. Instead a good looking man named Dylan outbids them at the auction.

At the Ji mansion, Grandma Ji gets a call from Dylan showing her the item he just got at auction. It must be noted Grandma has the worst gray wig in history (though the wig the Grandma wore in the kdrama Shining Inheritance was awful too). She tells him should come home soon. I’m not sure what their relationship is at this point.

Cun Xi returns home and Grandma Ji asks how his proposal to Anna went. Anson, the secretary, tells Grandma Ji the proposal was a bust. Grandma Ji frets now she’ll never get the grandson to continue the Ji family line into the 10th generation. She encourages him to forget about Anna and set his sights on a new girl that will give her a grandson sooner than Anna will.

Cun Xi gets a video phone call from Anna in New York. She pleads for his understanding. How would she pass up the lead role? She tells Cun Xi he’ll always have her heart. He tells her one day he may turn to another woman. She cajoles him and he agrees that he could not ask her to walk away from her dream to perform in New York. She promises she’ll never stand him up again. She asks Cun Xi to take care of her dog, Baby Ji (he gave her the dog).

Xin Yi returns home to an empty apartment. She thinks about all the bills she’s got including how expensive the trip was. Oh well, she will press on. Voiceover: Little did I know that a life that will affect myself and Cun Xi is being formed.  At work everything is the same for her. She tries to say no to those that take advantage of her but no one listens. She is feeling nauseous (she thinks it is food poisoning).

Cun Xi’s step-mother and her son wait outside the company’s head quarters. Time to talk to Cun Xi and get reinstated into the family. They tell Cun Xi they do not want money they want to help the company. Cun Xi asks when the company was having difficulties, why did you want to sell it? Step-mother reminds Cun Xi that when she was married to his father she always treated him well.  Cun Xi tell step-brother that he can work in the packaging plant; as a normal worker not management. They are offended at this offer.  Cun Xi says the last time step-son worked in management, he ditched the job without notice leaving chaos behind. Cun Xi turns to leave. But Xin Yi’s brother-in-law and his father  show up waving a CD with the scandalous pictures. Cun Xi becomes uncomfortable. Step-mother and step-brother watch with rapt attention. Cun Xi takes the CD. Xin Yi’s brother-in-law and his father tell him to come to the island tomorrow.

Cun Xi views the pictures on the CD (Xin Yi’s face is blurred). Cun Xi rages that he must speak to his lawyer and exits the office with his secretary Anson in tow.  Step-mother and step-brother have been eavesdropping and find the CD in Cun Xi’s desk. Now they’ve got the CD with the scandalous pictures. Step-mother suggests Grandma Ji will be interested in the contents of the CD. They make a copy of the CD and leave.

Cun Xi’s lawyer works at the law firm that Xin Yi works at. Cun Xi’s lawyer suggests settling with Xin Yi’s brother-in-law and his father to avoid the scandal. Cun Xi is outraged at the suggestion. The lawyer tells him the media will have a field day. Anson (the secretary) reminds Cun Xi that Anna would be hurt by the photos. Cun Xi can not believe that he is supposed to settle. The lawyer states while they have the original CD they have the power. There a knock on the conference room door and the lawyer tells Xin Yi to come in with the coffee. Cun Xi is startled at the name but relieved when the woman is not Xin Yi from the cruise. As he leaves office he see a woman berating another woman. It is Xin Yi. Cun Xi wills Xin Yi to stand up to the woman, but Xin Yi caves to her demands. Cun Xi steps in and tells the woman he has a date with Xin Yi and she’ll have to do her own work. He grabs Xin Yi’s hand and leads her out of the office.

Xin Yi is not happy that Cun Xi interfered. She suddenly feels ill and runs to the bathroom. Cun Xi wonders what is wrong with her. In the restroom Xin Yi meets a pregnant woman who asks her if she’s feeling tired, nauseous and craves unusual food? Xin Yi confirms this is what she’s experiencing. The woman tells her she may be pregnant.

Xin Yi counts back and realizes she is late. Oh no, she may be pregnant! The pregnant woman leaves the bathroom and comments to her boyfriend while walking past Cun Xi that there is woman in there that may be pregnant but does not know it. Cun Xi starts to worry.

When Xin Yi exits the bathroom Cun Xi asks if she’s fine. Xin Yi claims she has food poisoning. The relief is written on Cun Xi’s face. Xin Yi asks if Cun Xi will donate money to an orphanage she volunteers at. He empties his wallet, they exchange cell phone numbers, and he leaves.

Dylan visits the orphanage bringing snacks for the children. A little boy asks Dylan if he’s found his long-lost sister (guess who?). Dylan says he’s still looking for her.  A little girl says it would be great if the kind Xin Yi were his sister. Dylan reacts to the name Xin Yi. Dylan and the children play hide and seek.

Dylan hides in the confessional where a priest would sit. Xin Yi enters the other side of the confessional and begins her confession. Dylan tries to tell her he isn’t a priest but Xin Yi interrupts him not recognizing his voice. He says his name is Dylan but he’s not father. Xin Yi tells him she KNOWS he’s not god and proceeds to tell “Father Dylan” that she is troubled. Dylan decides to help and tells her to share her burden. Xin Yi confesses she made love to a complete stranger. She explain they both thought they were making love with their respective boyfriend/girlfriend. Xin Yi is upset her first time was with a stranger. To top it off her brother-in-law took scandalous pictures but the camera went into the sea. Dylan is stunned. Dylan recommends she say she is sorry to God, drink some wine, and get a good night’s sleep. Xin Yi mentions she’s been sick a lot lately. Dylan buys a clue and asks if she’s pregnant. Xin Yi gets upset. She asks Dylan to tell God that she’s sorry and at least the man was nice. She mentions the man just helped her with a bullying co-worker. Dylan asks if she is confessing her sin or her love (that was a good line). Dylan tells her to buy a pregnancy test, get the one with the lines not the circles. Xin Yi is taken aback that Father Dylan knows differences and details of pregnancy tests. Father Dylan tells her this is common sense. Xin Yi asks which pregnancy test again? Father Dylan tells her to buy the one with the cross for positive. He tells her to go now.

As Xin Yi exits, Father Dylan opens his door and tells her to keep a low profile when buying the test. The children find Dylan and tell him that was Xin Yi that just left the church. Well acted and written confessional scene!

Xin Yi thinks low profile translates to pink raincoat, motorcycle helmet, and a mask as she enters the drugstore to buy the pregnancy test. The drugstore clerk is watching TV with a news report about a drugstore robber that wears and mask and motor cycle helmet. The drugstore clerk believes Xin Yi is the masked motorcycle robber. Xin Yi grabs a pregnancy test and goes to the counter to pay. As she reaches into her handbag the drugstore clerk (thinking she has a weapon) tells her to take it and leave the store. Xin Yi is surprised at the offer to leave without paying but the drugstore clerk insists. She leaves and the drugstore clerk calls the police.

Xin Yi goes to a public bathroom and takes the test.

While waiting for the results the police surround the bathroom and enter. They knock on the stall door. Xin Yi returns the knock. The police knock again. Xin Yi knocks again.

The police bust open the door scaring Xin Yi who drops the pregnancy test.

A reporter and camera crew rush in and report live that the police have caught the motorcycle robber. Cun Xi passes a TV and sees the report stunned the woman is Xin Yi. Dylan and the children at the orphanage are also watching the TV and one of the child recognizes Xin Yi.  The police man asks the reporter what is this item he picked up off the floor. The reporter recognizes it as a pregnancy test. Dylan spits out his drink and Cin Xi runs into the car in front of him, both men stunned the Xin Yi’s pregnancy test is on national news. The reporter reads the pregnancy test – she’s pregnant!

The reporter puts the microphone in Xin Yi’s face and asks how she feels about being pregnant. Xin Yi turns to the wall and starts to weep. The reports tells her national audience they are tears of joy.

Cun Xi deals with the rear end auto accident and Dylan can not believe his suggestion to buy a pregnancy test ended up causing Xin Yi pain.

On the island Xin Yi’s mother and two sisters talk about tomorrow’s visit from Cun Xi and how they plan to protest the plant being shut down. Their TV reception isn’t clear so they do not know the woman on the TV is Xin Yi. One sister is divorced and the other is married.

Five pregnancy tests are positive and Xin Yi admits she’s pregnant. She wonders if she should tell Cun Xi. Her fairy godmother recommends she not tell Cun Xi as she’ll only be disappointed because men do not take responsibility when a girl gets pregnant.  Her mother and sisters call her. She thinks they saw the new on TV and are calling her about her pregnancy. She hangs up on them when she feels sick.

At the Ji mansion, secretary Anthony reassures Cun Xi that if Xin Yi is pregnant he’ll handle her. Grandma Ji is incinsed after seeing the news report about the poor pregnant woman without the father to help her. Cun Xi looks chagrin. Grandma Ji notes at least this girl is bringing a baby into the world for some lucky grandmother. Grandmother Ji leaves to pray to the gods that one day the Ji family will have the 10th generation heir.

Anson tells Cun Xi that Xin Yi may indeed be pregnant with his child. Cun Xi says meeting with the men that have the original CD and protecting Anna are his priorities. Anson agrees and they are going by boat to the island tomorrow to get the CD back.

The next morning Xin Yi, Anson, and Cun Xi all get on the boat to go the island though they are all unaware of each other on the boat. The plant protesters, including Xin Yi’s mother and two sisters, wait for the arrival of Cun Xi. On the boat Cun Xi and Xin Yi sense the other but do not see each other. Cun Xi accidentally falls off the boat. He yells but no one hears him.

At the dock Xin Yi’s mother and two sisters let her have it. Xin Yi admits she is pregnant. Her mother and sisters are stunned. They were angry because the cruise was so expensive but Xin Yi thinks they are mad because she is pregnant. They take Xin Yi away to discuss the situation.

* The acting in this drama is broad and bit on the slapstick side, or simply put, there is over acting. Accept it, go with it, and enjoy the show.
* Xin Yi and Cun Xi think highly of each other, which is nice to see.
* No wrist grabs which are staples in kdramas. I do not miss them.
* Who has the worst wig? Fated to Love you Grandma Ji or Shining Inheritance Grandma Jany?
ftly_grandmother si_2grandmother

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One comment on “Fated to Love You Episode 2 Recap
  1. Jane Tilly says:

    I appreciate the side-by-side comparison of these horrible wigs. I think Granny Ji’s is worse than Granny Jany in Shining Inheritance, it looks like it’s going to fall off any second. Fo you think the bad wig is due to the slapstick or the result of a low budget❓⁉️

    OH THE HORROR for poor Xin Yi to have her pregnancy test results revealed live on TV. especially since the pregnancy was the result of a BIG mistake.

    I find Xin Yi’s family unappealing and the villagers are very selfish to force strangers to marry … no one ever asked Xin Yi what she wanted to do. This Post-it girl needs to take Cun Xi’s advice and take charge of her destiny. Letting thing happen to you IS a choice … take some control Post-it girl.


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