You’re All Surrounded Episode 5 Recap

EPISODE 5: “Sometimes you just have to carry it with you”

We begin episode 5 with rookie detective Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi) thinking about the phone call “It’s been awhile Team Leader Seok. Have you forgotten my voice?”
between Team Leader Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) and the mystery man. He remembers the mystery man’s voice as the voice of the man WHO KILLED HIS MOTHER. Ok, so I was the only person that thought Pan Seok was the murderer, my bad.  Dae Koo receives a call from his own mystery backer telling him “Boots” (aka Mom Murderer) is back and wants to meet with Pan Seok.  When mystery backer questions if the voice is Boots, Dae Koo gets angry and is adamant that he’d never forget the voice of the man who killed his mother right in front of him. Dae Koo notes Boots should have a scar from the acid he threw on him years ago. He says he has not found the blackmailer Park Seung Oh. Starting today, he is monitoring Pan Seok 24/7.

The other 3 rookie detectives – Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara), Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyeon), and Ji Kook (Park Jung Min) – return to the apartment with beer and chicken. Soo Sun marvels how nice the apartment is and drops broad hints that she’d love to live in such a nice place. Dae Koo tries to kick her out but she refuses. Everyone gets drunk and revels in catching have-a-bad-day customer that took them and 3 high school girls hostage. Soo Sun admits to them all she may have found the right profession for herself.

The next morning Dae Koo gets a shower before everyone else wakes in the living room (where they all passed out the previous evening). Soo Sun goes to use the bathroom and runs straight into Dae Koo’s chest. She comments his chest smells like strawberries. Dae Koo kicks her out of the apartment and puts his hand where Soo Sun’s lips pressed against his chest. Next we see that Soo Sun is living in a tent on a rooftop and using the police facilities to bathe now that she has no apartment. She is sporting a cute short hairdo.

As promised Dae Koo follows Pan Seok. Sa Kyung exits her apartment to find her latest boyfriend demanding to know why she is not returning his phone calls. She calls a taxi for him and tells him to leave and not bother her again. She turns the corner and finds Pan Seok waiting for her. They ride the elevator down and Pan Seok notes her boyfriend looked only 20 years old.  He asks why does she choose to live like this? Sa Kyung retorts Pan Seok knows why she lives like this. Pan Seok angrily asks what can he do about something that happened 10 years ago? They glare at each other. She exits the elevator first.

At work the Missing Person’s unit moves in to share space with the detectives. Ji Wook questions mentor boss Lee Eung Do (Sung Ji Ru) why did Pan Seok and Sa Kyung divorce? Eung Do will not divulge any information to the eager detectives. They all admire Soo Sun’s new hairdo except for Dae Koo. Ji Wook looks at Soo Sun with a romantic interest. Soo Sun takes Dae Koo aside and tells him to apologize to Pan Seok. Dae Koo is adamant that he will not apologize. Soo Sun makes the argument that if he won’t apologize then he’ll adversely effect her career, like he did when he took off after the stalker was arrested. He looks like he might give in and she does this shoulder shake “partner” thing that is darling. Dae Koo tells her if she does that again, she is dead. He leaves while she shoulder shakes “partner” again. So darling. Pan Seok and Eung Do meet with the 4 rookie detectives to discuss the next case. Soo Sun apologizes for her behavior during the stalker case. Pan Seok looks expectantly to Dae Koo. Everyone looks at Dae Koo hoping he too will apologize. After a pause, Dae Koo utters “I’m sorry for what happened”. Eung Do urges Pan Seok to forgive them. Pan Seok says his gut tells him they are not and will not be good detectives. But in the hostage incident they saved the high school girls and the hostage taker was captured so his gut has been proven wrong. He says “Good Job.” Relief fills the room.

That night the police department goes out for dinner, drinks and karaoke. Everyone is having fun until Prosecutor Han shows up and the music and singing stops. The Prosecutor (a jerk) demands Pan Seok go on a silly errand to prove his power between the two of them. Pan Seok is polite but seethes with suppressed anger. They all leave to fulfill the Jerk Prosecutor’s demand. Once finished the rookies are sent home. The rookie detectives discuss how Prosecutors and Detectives do not always get along. Tae Il notes that Pan Seok almost had Prosecutor Han arrested on assault 3 years ago. Now they are mortal enemies.

Soo Sun talks Dae Koo into visiting the stalker victim in the hospital. She is pleased to see them. She relays that Pan Seok has visited her everyday and brings her a cake each visit. She has an impressive stack of cake boxes. Ah, Pan Seok does have a sweet side.

At the police station Sa Kyung’s team responds to a missing child case. The boy is 7 years old and was left unattended at a playground by his divorced mother. When she returned to get him, he was not there. Sa Kyung calls in backup from all available officers. Sa Kyung finds him next to a bridge. The child is declared dead on arrival at the hospital. Sa Kyung leaves the hospital in tears.

The next day Pan Seok’s team takes over as the case is now a homicide. They determine it was a hit and run. They review CCTVs, check skids marks, put up signs for witnesses, etc. The skid mark is unique to a Rolls Royce model of which only 6 are in the country. They identify the car belongs to Shin Myoung who turns out to be a rich arrogant jerk who denies driving that night and hitting a child. Pan Seok jumps on that slip asking how he knew the victim was a child? They did not mention that fact. Pan Seok continues, so you were driving, you did hit and kill the child. Arrogant jerk child killer says bring the evidence and prove it. Pan Seok says he’ll be back with a warrant.

During phone call Jerk Prosecutor suggests that arrogant jerk child killer be sent overseas to wait out the police investigation. He states the Team Leader (Pan Seok) in charge of the investigation is crazy. Just then Pan Seok and Eung Do enter Jerk Prosecutor’s office and request a travel restriction on arrogant jerk child killer. Jerk Prosecutor denies the request. He orders them to pick up suspects for him. Jerk Prosecutor and Pan Seok have words with Pan Seok suggesting that Jerk Prosecutor is protecting arrogant jerk child killer. Eung Do drags Pan Seok outta there.

The mother of the dead child is at the police station weeping. Sa Kyung stares daggers at her. The ex husband comes in a accuses the mother of neglect. The mother accuses him of not providing regular child support payments so she could afford child care. Sa Kyung yells at the mother to shut up. She tells her it IS HER FAULT, that she put work before her child and now he is dead. Pan Seok enters the room during her tirade. He tries to stop her but she turns on him asking him what right does he have to interfere. They stare long and hard at each other before she splits. The police captain enters and tries to smooth it over with the dead child’s family. The police captain meets Sa Kyung on the rooftop and says she thought Sa Kyung was over it. Sa Kyung laughs bitterly, she’ll never be over it. Tae Il tells the other detectives that Sa Kyung and Pan Seok had a child, and that child was killed in a hit and run. Pan Seok was late picking up the child from school. The child tried to walk home and was killed. Wow, that’s what blew up their marriage and why Sa Kyung is still hostile to Pan Seok. She blames him for the death of their child.

Pan Seok asks his team to dig deeper to find the evidence to nail arrogant jerk child killer. Exhausted they agree to give it their best. They find an eye witness but Jerk Prosecutor’s investigator convinces him NOT to testify. Jerk Prosecutor tells Pan Seok to escort a prisoner but Pan Seok ignores the order. Pan Seok encourages the team to continue looking for another eye witness. They find one when a student comes to police station after seeing the banner they posted. Pan Seok hits the jackpot when he finds the missing piece from arrogant jerk child killer car’s headlight. With pleasure he takes the evidence to Jerk Prosecutor who’s boss happens to be in the office.  Jerk Prosecutor’s boss looks at the evidence and tells Pan Seok excellent work finding the eye witness and the headlight piece. The boss tells Jerk Prosecutor they have everything they need to pursue arrogant jerk child killer. Jerk Prosecutor has no choice but issue a warrant for an arrest. Pan Seok starts to leave the office when Jerk Prosecutor asks where he is going. Pan Seok is put in a jail cell for disobeying Jerk Prosecutor’s orders to pick up a prisoner. They taunt each other. Who will win this battle? As Pan Seok smiles through the cell’s bars the episode ends.

* The episode had emotional punch with the victim being a child. Adding to the intensity was Sa Kyung’s  and Pan Seok’s back story of losing their son to a hit and run driver. That certainly explains Sa Kyung’s hostility to Pan Seok and the pain you see in both their eyes. The actors Cha Seung Won and Oh Yoon Ah really delivered on the intensity this episode. They have a lot unresolved between them.
* The rookies were not as front and center this episode as Pan Seok, Sa Kyung, and Jerk Prosecutor took the spot light. This did not hurt the episode.
* Soo Sun and Dae Koo had cute interactions: face plant into the chest, the shoulder shrug while saying partner in a sing-song voice, and Dae Koo’s mind going back to the face plant into his chest. Ah yes, we may have the potential for love.
* Dae Koo did feel some sympathy for Pan Seok during the episode: when Jerk Prosecutor was being a jerk to Pan Seok, when Sa Kyung ripped into Pan Seok, when Pan Seok desperately motivated them to continue the search for another witness, etc. It is good that Pan Seok becomes a human being in Dae Koo’s eyes not just a one note villian.
* If Sa Kyung’s eyes were laser beams she could wipe out a swath of people with her intense glares.

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