I Hear Your Voice Episode 13 Recap

EPISODE 13: “The words in my heart I could not bear to say”
We get to revel in the awesome back hug one more time as we start this episode. I love how Su Ha is concerned about her and Hye Sung is concerned about him, each heedless of danger or complications it personally brings them.

What I liked about this episode:

* Su Ha remembers Mom Murderer declaring his father killed his wife, kicking off Mom murderer’s revenge spree. Su Ha is concerned that Hye Sung will reject him if she knows this. Silly boy, she won’t reject you because of your past, she’ll reject you because she’s scared witless of her feelings for you.

* Su Ha reads Hye Sung’s mind and realized SHE LIKES HIM. Wow, an 11 year fantasy comes true. As he probes to confirm, Hye Sung verbally says she wants him out of her life but thinks instead she wants him by her side forever. The two level conversation, verbal and non-verbal, was well done.

* I thought Dal Joong was going to confront frenemy Do Yeon about her paternity but instead he passed out and was sent to the hospital. Bummer he’s got a brain tumor with only months to live. Do Yeon’s father was pleased to her that. I was surprised that Dal Joong stabbed his wife even with the hateful things she said to him. I totally understand that he was stunned that his wife was alive. But still the stabbing surprised me. Then to ask Lawyer Shin to plead not guilty, that seemed impossible for Lawyer Shin to accomplish. Though it forced Lawyer Shin to ask for Hye Sung’s help, a moment she relished (and rightly so).

* Su Ha loved Hye Sung jumping on his back when she thought there were roaches but it turned out to watermelon seeds. Ever the gentleman he allowed her to maintain her dignity in the awkward situation. I loved when he carried her books to work and pulled her out-of-the-way of an oncoming bicyclist.

* Su Ha and Hye Sun holding hands while they walked to his apartment. Subconsciously they show they are a couple. It is the conscience actions that cover their true feelings.

* Paralegal and Kwan Woo both nervous and hoping he’d been reinstated as a public defender (he wasn’t). You have to love bromances.
* Su Ha really struggled whether or not to reveal his memories and telepathic abilities were back. The kiss on the check at the bus stop was cute. In the end, he couldn’t let her suffer trying to figure out who Dal Joong’s daughter was. Su Ha revealed he knew the daughter was frenemy Do Yeon, his memories and telepathic ability had returned.

* Mom Murderer is back and everyone knows he is lurking and watching. Of course everyone thinks that Hye Sung and Su Ha are his targets. I was surprised he went after Kwan Woo. Things did not look good for Kwan Woo at the end of the episode.

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