You’re All Surrounded Episode 4 Recap

EPISODE 4: “It’s okay…It’s not okay”

We begin this episode with two of our rookie detectives
– Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi), Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara) staring in disbelief as the woman the stalker attacked is taken away on a stretcher. The good news is that she’s badly wounded but NOT dead, there is a chance she’ll survive. The stalker is caught and taken to the police car in handcuffs. The stalker stares at Dae Koo and Soo Sun, gives a bow, and is driven away. Mentor boss Lee Eung Do (Sung Ji Ru) asks why are they at the park? Sa Kyung finds the police camera and recorder in the victim’s handbag. Eung Do and Sa Kyung demand to know how a police recorder and camera came to be in the possession of the victim. Dae Koo and Soo Sun are miserably silent, or shall I say busted.

Mentor Team Leader Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) enters the police station angry and questions the other two rookie detectives, Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyeon), and Ji Kook (Park Jung Min), about the victim and the location of Dae Koo and Soo Sun.  Sa Kyung enters and demands Pan Seok explain how he could leave rookies unattended without even checking up on them. She stalks off.

Dae Koo and Soo Sun wait in the interrogation room. She’s concerned for the victim. Dae Koo yells at her that he DID NOT want to get involved with this case but she would not listen. Soo Sun counters that Dae Koo is the one that was SO SURE the stalker would not come back after midnight. Pan Seok, Eung Do, Tae Il and Ji Kook enter the room. Dae Koo and Soo Sun stand up to take their punishment. Much to everyone’s surprise Pan Seok kicks Dae Koo in the stomach knocking him to the ground. Pan Seok tells Dae Koo that HE left the victim unattended, HE provoked the stalker, and HE ignored his Team Leader’s phone call. Pan Seok yells that HE cannot make independent choices or people’s lives may forever be altered. Dae Koo is impressively forthright when he tells Pan Seok that HE should have been clearer with his instructions, HE assigned them to a case they weren’t ready for, and HE should have warned them of the pitfalls of such a case. Dae Koo continues that HE could have him arrested for kicking him and end Pan Seok’s career. {ok we are entering dangerous territory with your rant Dae Koo, calm down buddy.} Pan Seok, stunned at the tirade, approches Dan Koo telling him he hopes the camera will get a clear shot, and goes to strike him. Dae Koo goes on the offensive and slams Pan Seok on the table, they roll to the floor, and Dae Koo starts to choke Pan Seok. The rookies pull Dae Koo off Pan Seok. The intensity of Dae Koo’s glare leaves no doubt that he wants to harm Pan Seok.  Eung Do yells at the rookies to get Dae Koo OUT OF THE ROOM. Dae Koo goes yelling (using informal (not respectful) language) that he’ll get Pan Seok. Dae Koo stalks off leaving Tae Il and Ji Kook amazed that he went after their boss like that. Pan Seok flips the table in the interrogation room and stalks out too. Eung Do puts it well “what a stormy night”. That was an intense seven minutes start to this episode.

Soo Sun goes to visit the victim in the hospital, staring through the window at the ICU, tears streaming.

Meanwhile Dae Koo buys a train ticket to his hometown.

The next morning Soo Sun apologizes to Pan Seok who coldly tells her THIS is why he did not want to work with a woman. He tells her she is no longer qualified to enter the police station and shuts the door in her face. The captain of detective yells at Pan Seok. The victim’s mother comes to the police station and soundly slaps Soo Sun.

Meanwhile Dae Koo returns to his hometown. He walks to his former house, remembering his mother’s murder. He sits on the beach and imagines his mother next to him. She tells him he did wrong but has to face up to his mistakes.  Dae Koo admits he made a major mistake and almost got someone killed. He admits he’s only a detective to be close to Pan Seok but just like he pushed his mother to testify, the victim got pushed to trapping the stalker, and he’s partly responsible. He mother calmly tells him that he has such a good memory he can not forget things, and the painful memories stack up. Dae Koo’s mother tells him HE DID NOT cause her death and urges him to go back and face the consequences. He asks if she’s sure he should return. She replies as sure as the Earth orbits the Sun. {Good talk, Mom.} Very nice scene between these two actors.

The police chief mentions to the chief of detective that the online articles had so much information, that it is almost like someone inside the police department was leaking details.

An emergency call comes over the radio and Pan Seok, Eung Do, Ji Kook and Soo Sun race to the van to respond. As Soo Sun goes to enter the van, Pan Seok directs Ji Kook to close the door in her face and they speed off without her. Soo Sun goes to the hospital where Sa Kyung tells her the victim has woken up and is out of ICU. Soo Sun writes a letter of resignation and leave it on Pan Seok’s desk. Tae Il meets Sa Kyung and asks if she remembers him which she denies. Hmmm, wonder what that is about. Ji Kook tells Tae Il that Sa Kyung and Pan Seok used to be married but divorced.

Ji Kook and Tae Il are dismayed when Soo Sun admits she left a resignation letter on Pan Seok’s desk. Dae Koo walks up and they are surprised he has returned. Dae Koo is NOT happy that Soo Sun (his parnter) submitted her resignation, saying it puts him in an awkward situation. Dae Koo says that Soo Sun represents passion without brains. Soo Sun yells at him to apolgize for leaving without a word. Dae Koo yells back that she was an idiot to resign. Soo Sun returns if she quits, then Dae Koo will get fired, at least something good will come out of this. She remembers that Dae Koo was rifling through the team leader’s desk and pulls out her cell phone to call him. Dae Koo grabs the cell phone and hold it high just out of reach of Soo Sun.  Tae Il, tired of the fighting, handcuffs them together! Dae Koo and Soo Sun demand to be released. Tae Il tells them he’ll release them after lunch.

At the diner, they order not seeing the customer that is having a VERY BAD DAY. There are 3 teenage girls, our 4 rookie detectives and have-a-bad-day customer in the diner. Have-a-bad-day customer flips the locks on the diner, grabs a knife from the kitchen and takes one of the teenage girls hostage.  Have-a-bad-day customer cuts the gas line and it leaks into the room. He threatens to blow them all up brandishing a lighter.

There is a cute moment when Dae Koo and Soo Sun pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend. They make a heart just like a couple would.

The diner owner finds the door locked, sees have-a-bad-day customer with a knife and calls the police. Pan Seok and Eung Do can’t believe their eyes when they see the 4 rookies are hostages. The rookies manage to talk have-a-bad-day customer into releasing the teenage girls. While waiting for an opportunity Soo Sun tells Dae Koo that HE KNOWS she sincerely only wanted to help the stalker’s victim.  She demands Dae Koo apologize for deserting her. Even have-a-bad-day customer recognizes Dae Koo should apologize. Soo Sun slips and falls creating a distraction. The 4 rookie detectives manage to tackle have-a-bad-day customer to the ground. The police storm the diner finding have-a-bad-day customer in a pile with the 4 rookie detectives.

After getting oxygen our 4 rookie detective relax a bit. Eung Do comes up and asks if everyone is ok. Soo Sun smiles that they are well. Eung Do comments that is great to see her smiling again. He notes that Dae Koo is back. Dae Koo apologizes for disappearing. Eung Do accepts the apology. He asks how they happened to be at the diner and they simultaneously remember that Soo Sun’s resignation letter is on Pan Seok’s desk. They exit the scene and retrieve the letter. Now that’s team work! Pan Seok smiles as they exit knowing where they are going and why. Later our rookies enjoy the cherry blossoms and the fact that THEY CAUGHT a criminal. Soo Sun’s joy knows no bounds. Soo Sun’s voiceover: I’m 27 and have a lot to learn. I realize that my rookie detective buddies keep me stable and growing because we are young. Ji Kook says WE ARE COOL!

Dae Koo’s duplicate Pan Seok phone rings. Split screen showing Dae Koo and Pan Seok answering the phone.

Then cut to the airport a man with BLACK BOOTS and a SCAR BEHIND HIS EAR speaks into his cell phone “It’s been awhile Team Leader Seok. Have you forgotten my voice?”

Pan Seok’s eyes widen in shock…Pan Seok is NOT the black boot man and is NOT Dae Koo’s Mom’s killer!

* The beginning and ending of the episode were strong. The hostage situation in the diner went a bit long.
* Soo Sun and Dae Koo really went at each other verbally and physically. The stalker and victim really shook them up. Good to see they are both human and flawed AND admit this.
* Dae Koo’s beach conversation with his mother was excellent.
* Tae Il and Ji Wook are a good partnership. I like how they want their working relationship to grow AND they want Soo Sun and Dae Koo to play nicely together. You can practically see them thinking “can’t we all get along?”
* I was shocked and pleased that black booted Mom Murderer is NOT Pan Seok. Does Dae Koo already know this? Am I the only one that did not?

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