You’re All Surrounded Episode 3 Recap

EPISODE 3: “There are no rookie detectives”

We begin this episode with the 4 rookie detectives
– Eun Dae Koo (Lee Seung Gi), Eo Soo Sun (Go Ara), Park Tae Il (Ahn Jae Hyeon), and Ji Kook (Park Jung Min) –  and their mentor bosses – Seo Pan Seok (Cha Seung Won) and Lee Eung Do (Sung Ji Ru) – all staring at each other as Pan Seok’s phone rings and the duplicate phone in Dae Koo’s pocket rings as well. Pan Seok approaches Dae Koo then Ji Kook’s cell phone rings (his mother calling) breaking the tension between Pan Seok and Dae Koo. The moment passes without further ado.

Pan Seok has team building exercises for the 4 rookie detectives. The first involves the 4 of them staying in the van until Pan Seok returns for them. Turns out it is an endurance test. Dae Koo is the first to exit AFTER 12 HOURS in the van. The second exercise involves the 4 of them looking through trash bags to find a piece of gum in a wrapper. Dae Koo wants to ditch the assignment, a fight ensues and the gum is found. They wrestle among themselves for the gum. Soo Sun ends up with the gum hiding it near her breast ending the boys  attempt at retrieval (cute and smart on her part). They all end up presenting it to Pan Seok and Eung Do. Team work – check! Passing this test earns them their first solo cases.

Tai Il and Ji Kook are assigned drug theft case at a plastic surgery high rise. Tai Il is approached by an old acquaintance who is happy to see him but Tai Il does not feel the same way. Tail Il tells the guy never to acknowledge him in public. Ouch, that is cold.

Soo Sun and Dae Koo are assigned woman being a stalked. The woman went out with a guy a couple of times and now he is stalking her. Unfortunately she does not have compelling evidence making it a misdemeanor. Dae Koo tells the woman to call them when she’s got hard evidence. Soo Sun can’t leave the woman defenseless and tells her they’ll help her gather evidence against the stalker. Dae Koo does NOT want to do this but Soo Sun blackmails him threatening to tell Pan Seok that Dae Koo was rifling through his desk that morning. Dae Koo reluctantly agrees to help trap the stalker. They bring camera and voice recording equipment and accompany the woman when she meets the stalker at a coffee shop. Unfortunately the stalker does not threaten the woman and provide evidence. Frustrated they leave and Soo Sun vows to the woman they’ll protect her 24/7.

While watching over the woman’s apartment Soo Sun falls asleep. Dae Koo takes off his jacket and you think he will gently place it on Soo Sun’s shoulders. Instead he tosses it on her head to muffle the snoring. When she wakes, Dae Koo reasons the stalker won’t approach the woman during night time hours and leaves. Then Soo Sun is distracted taking a phone call about her eminent eviction from her apartment. The woman decides to try again to gather evidence against the stalker agreeing to meet him. The woman thinks the Soo Sun and Dae Koo will follow and monitor but when she get in the stalker’s car she realizes Soo Sun and Dae Koo are not watching and no one will help her. As the stalker drives her past the detective’s car, the woman stares terrified at Soo Sun who absorbed in a phone call and does NOT see her. Dae Koo realizes the stalker may indeed strike and hurries back to the woman’s apartment. But she’s gone. Soo Sun has a text and voicemail from the woman that she is going to a coffee shop. When they arrive at the coffee shop the woman is not there. Frustrated they drive racking their brains for their next move. Pan Seok calls Soo Sun who tells Dae Koo they should confer with Pan Seok (as he advised the rookie detectives to do if they got stuck). Dae Koo rejects this ordering Soo Sun NOT to answer the call.

Dae Koo realizes the stalker has likely taken the woman to a park. They rush through the park calling the woman’s name and come upon a crowd of people who part to reveal the woman stabbed to death. That is a harsh ending to their first case. Interesting that Dae Koo has just made his first error that costs a victim’s life. That should mess with his head.

* Not as strong of an episode as the first two. The team building exercises were just ok.
* I like the partner pairing of Soo Sun and Dae Koo. They are like oil and water. In their first case, Soo Sun’s sympathetic heart wanting to help the woman and blacking mailing Dae Koo made sense. Dae Koo’s arrogance left the woman unattended and he realized his mistake too late with deadly consequences for the woman.
* I like the partner pairing of Tae Il and Ji Wook. Kinda cute when the plastic surgery staff was sure Ji Kook was there as a patient not as a detective. Tae Il’s harsh reaction to his former acquaintance/friend piqued my interest more to his back story.
* Pan Seok’s tender treatment of Sa Kyung extensive back bruises (how did she get those?), proves he’s got a soft side.
* I hope the next episode grabs me more than this one did.

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