The Americans Episode 4 Recap (Season 1)

Episode 4: “In Control” ep4_s1_12This episode revolves around the uncertainly the Americans and Russians both had when John Hinckley attempts to kill President Reagan. Our married Russian spies, Philip and Elizabeth, are tasked to find out what is going on – will America attack Russia, will Reagan survive the assassination attempt – and inform the KGB. On the flip side FBI neighbor Stan pressures his source within the Rezidentura to find out if the KGB was responsible for the attempted assassination.

What I liked about this episode:
* A stronger Elizabeth this episode. She is a hard core protector of Mother Russia and was on-board with the assassination American officials if needed. Good grief, she calmly killed a security guard that she was unable to sweet talk into not investigating why she was parked across the street from the secretary of defense.
* A strong and calm Philip. Everyone around him is concerned about what the Americans will do; attack Russia, fall apart with a coup, and Philip thinks it through. The Americans are not going to flip out like the Russians fear. He convinces Elizabeth to not disclose a recorded conversation that sounds serious that the Americans are planning a nuclear launch.

* FBI neighbor Stan recognizes Nina (his Rezidentura source) was followed and avoids their first meet point and avoids her cover being blown. He only had a couple of seconds to recognize the car following her and assess the situation correctly.

Made me wonder:
* Why was FBI neighbor Stan was so open with Philip and Elizabeth regarding the details that John Hinckley acted alone to assassinate Reagan and that he was crazy only doing this to impress Jodie Foster? Seemed strange that he’d share that with his neighbors on the day all this unfolded.

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