Vampire Prosecutor Episode 9 Recap

EPISODE 9: “Good Friends”
Jung In is an onion that is peeled in this episode. Her past, her father, and this episode’s murder all crash together with some surprising twists.

I liked:
* Jung In’s belief that her father was the one that snitched on the big boss (and got him sent to prison) was shredded. She was stunned to learn as a little girl SHE was the snitch. Turns out her father was pulling strings to protect her.
* Dong Man trying to figure out what the letters retrieved from the victim’s mouth mean. Soon Bum declares the letters O, I, and A spell Koria. Dong Man can not believe Soon Bum does not know how to spell Korea. Their interactions can be darling.
* Jung In’s father meets the just-released-from-prison big boss and explains he’s taken care of the traitor. When big boss asks him how is daughter is, HE KNOWS that BIG BOSS KNOWS that Jun In is the snitch. What else could Jung In’s father do but kill the man threatening his daughter?
* The fight where Tae Yeon takes out 4 gangsters and the only thing Soon Bum brings with him was multiple pairs of handcuffs. I would want to take Tae Yeon with me into a fight or other dangerous situation.
* Tae Yeon trusted Jung In to do what she needed to do the entire episode. Especially when he provided her the tape that identifies HER as the snitch. He did not offer advice or suggest a course of action. He put his trust in the woman he cares for. I enjoy subtle declarations of love / affection / loyalty.
* At the very end of the episode it circles back to what happened to Lawyer Ji Hee. We flash back to the big bad vampire choking her and dragging her away from the phone booth where she had frantically called Tae Yeon. Soon Bum and Tae Yeon follow the blood trail. Tae Yeon tastes the blood expecting his usual vision of the last moments of a victim’s life. But nothing…no vision…she is still alive.


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