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Angel Eyes Episode 2 Recap

Angel Eyes episode 2 is the last episode with the younger actors before switching to the adult actors. In this episode we learn more of the backstory…how she came to get the eye surgery…how they were separated. The episode begins with

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Angel Eyes Episode 1 Recap

Wasn’t planning on trying this drama but on a whim checked out episode 1 of Angel Eyes. Episode starts with the back story of how she (Soo Wan) loses her sight and her mother (they were driving through the tunnel) and

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I Hear Your Voice Episode 8 Recap

EPISODE 8: “For whom is this life” I didn’t want to watch this episode. I have been putting it off. Why? Because at the end of the last episode murder seemed the only conclusion for Hye Sung’s devoted and forthright

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A Gentleman’s Dignity Review

A Gentleman’s Dignity features the lives of an amusing foursome of men that have been friends since high school. A Gentleman’s Dignity is a 24 episode 2012 Korean drama that is fun and breezy without much angst. It is a

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What’s Up Fox Review

Follow your heart and enjoy What’s Up Fox… Review. What’s Up Fox is a 2006 16 episode Korean romance drama about a younger man (24) and older woman (33). A theme throughout the show is to follow your heart – not

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Secret Love Affair Episode 10 Recap

Sun Jae’s recital goes well. Hye Won watches from the sound booth and cries at his beautiful playing. Sun Jae meets her later in her office and she tells him his playing was so breathtaking it brought her to tears. They watch his performance

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Secret Love Affair Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 starts with Hye Won leaving Seon Jae’s apartment without telling him the morning after their first night together. I note their first time was off camera with voice over. Why is Secret Love Affair afraid of affection between these two?

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