What’s Up Fox Review

Follow your heart and enjoy What’s Up Fox…
Review. What’s Up Fox is a 2006 16 episode Korean romance drama about a younger man (24) and older woman (33). A theme throughout the show is to follow your heart – not your head – for happiness. The writer, Kim Do Woo, wrote the better known My Name is Kim Sam Soon (2005). Good cast for this drama:

Our leading lady, Byung Hee, played by Ko Hyun Jung, is the older daughter, is 33 and a writer for a men’s magazine (unusual profession for a kdrama female lead). She hesitates to follow her heart but learns that what she must do to be true to her self.

Secondary couple lady is Joon Hee
, played by Go Joon Hee, the younger daughter and Byung Hee’s sister, is 24 and a model. She gets by on her looks.

Our leading man is Byung Hee’s best friend’s younger brother, Chul Su, played by Chun Jung Myung, is 24 and a mechanic returns to town in episode 1 after a two year around the world trek. He is cute and tenacious in his pursuit of Byung Hee.

Secondary couple
man is Park Byung Gak (known as Bulldog), played by Son Hyun Joo, is 42, the president of a successful company. You learn that Joon Hee looks just like his deceased first wife.

Nutshell Story: Byung Hee gets drunk one night and Chul Su is sent to bring her home safely. She initiates, he resists, and they end up sleeping together (unusual in  kdrama for the woman to initiate physical contact, though alcohol paves the way). Chul Su pursues a relationship with Byung Hee. She’s afraid of the 11 year age difference and rebuffs him in favor of a more age appropriate doctor, Dr. Bae. Chul Su won’t give up and Byung Hee eventually realizes she loves him. Family opposition and the army provide the obstacles for our couple after that. The show reflects society’s bias that accepts older men and younger women couples but has issues with older women and younger men couples.

What I liked about What’s Up Fox:

1. Likable couple. The actor playing our male lead, Chul Su, was cute and appealing. The actress playing our female lead, Byung Hee, had good chemistry with the male lead and excelled portraying the character’s struggle to take the risk to date a younger man. Our main couple has to deal with tough questions and does not provide the easy out. Their relationship evolves and has merit because of the obstacles they overcome together.

2. Equally likable secondary couple. The younger sister had a interesting hate to love relationship with a much older man (she was 24 and he was 42, a 20 year age difference). Society will accept the 20 year age gap when it is an older man and younger woman. You never found out what the secret of his bum was.

3. Realistic ending. Neither couple walked into the sunset holding hands but you felt each couple was going make the effort to make their relationship work. Our main couple must wait until his two years in the army is complete and the secondary couple must wait until she spends time studying abroad.

What I was less fond of:
1. Chul Su’s sister was a bit over the top in her negative reaction to her brother and best friend finding love. When she submitted him for the 2 year army stint to force a separation, that was a low blow.
2. I found the other suitor Dr. Bae boring. This was intentional. Our heroine had to choose between the safe and successful Dr. Bae or the passionate and finding-his-way Chul Su.

There are several songs from the 18 track OST I enjoy.
* What Are You Doing Foxy Lady by Ahn Mi Sun, theme song upbeat and fun
* Don’t Do That Boy by Han Kyung Hoon, Chul Su’s theme totally captures the character
* Pom Saeng Pom Sa by Kim Ki Bum, Chul Su’s theme, fun macho song
* Just a Moment by Han Kyung Hoon, nice duet
* I See Love by Joo Hee
* Late Start by Ahn Mi Sun, Byung Hee’s theme
* Up In Heaven by Kim Joon Hwi, lovely jazzy-ish song and my favorite
Favorite Songs listed above from the OST in my YouTube Playlist (link or embedded below)


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