Vampire Prosecutor Episode 7 Recap

EPISODE 7: “Syndrome”
The crime was not that interesting other than the crazy doctor talk show guest that predicted death for the show host, injuries for other show workers, and issues for the network. Doctor crazy was portrayed with nutty flare.

Two other relationship developments captured my interest.


1. Vampire prosecutor asks Jung In to be his crime solving buddy. She is stunned and stoked that he asked her to join him. When he is stabbed at the hospital her horror and concern reveals her feelings. His desire for her blood while injured almost overwhelms him. After he recovers she can’t quite state her relief. Stopping her struggle to find the right words, he puts one hand on her shoulder and walks away. That scene was shot well.


2. To save himself from the stab wound he flees the hospital and goes to the bar for help from his blood drinking buddy. His buddy sees his bloody hand on the glass entrance door. He flings our vampire prosecutor on a table then grabs a couple of cold ones (bags of blood) smashing them together over his inert body. A visually striking scene.

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