Personal Taste Review

Review. Cute couple dragged down by storyline.

Personal Taste is a 16 episode 2010 Korean drama. Our two leads strive to make this drama work but the storyline eventually stymies’ their efforts in this a B-grade drama.

Our male lead, Jin Ho, lies to our female lead, Kae In, that he is gay so she’ll rent a room to him in her father’s house.  He wants to study the house for an architecture design that will make or break his company. They fall for each other but the lie stops their romance. He eventually confesses, she is a doormat and accepts this huge deceit with ease. Their romance is the best part the show. They have chemistry and work hard to be likeable. Unfortunately the storyline is littered with annoying characters and plot decisions that pull entire series down.

What I liked about Personal Taste:

* Lee Min Ho as Jin Ho. He has loads of appeal and the camera loves him. His smile is appealing and lights up his face. His character starts out as a cold fish in the initial episodes, warms up nicely in the middle, then is an idiot in the home stretch until the final episode where he sparks up again.

* Son Ye Jin as Kae In. She has excellent chemistry with Lee Mi Ho and they clicked as a couple. Her character was annoying in the initial episodes, cute and charming in the middle, then a bit pathetic until the final episode where she offers him blind trust in the form of herself.
* Ji Ho and Kae In as a couple. These two clicked and had lots of cute couple moments in this series. A mark of their chemistry came in Episode 10 when she, initially bent on revenge, instead confesses to her ex that now she likes Jin Ho. After hearing this, Jin Ho signals to her the revenge plot ends with the phrase “Game Over” and then plants an intense kiss on her.

* Jung Sung Hwa as Sang Jun. He is Jin Ho’s friend who is funny and impersonates being gay. I was horrified when the writers paired him with the despicable In Hee in the final episode, which was lazy storytelling.

* Ryu Seung Ryong as Do Bin. As the quiet, lonely director, this actor embodied the character with human kindness and was an emotional touchstone throughout the series.

What I did not like about Personal Taste:

* Wang Ji Hye as In Hee. Supposedly Kae In’s friend but she’s self-serving, willing to use and abuse to get her way. This annoying character had no growth during the series.

* Ahn Seok Hwan as Yun Seop (Chang Ryeol’s Dad). I loved this actor’s portray of the father in Delightful Girl Chun Hyang but here he portrays a one dimensional annoying father that sneers, bribes, and bullies his way through life.

* Choi Eun Seo as Hye Mi. Another annoying character that believes she has a chance with Jin Ho. Worthless, whining, and not worth the script this character was given.


This 15 track OST has several songs worth listening to.
* Can’t Believe it by Younha
* Dropping Rain by Kim Tae Woo
* My Heart is Touched by SeeYa
* He Called on the Wings by Kim Tae Woo
* Like A Fool by 2AM
Album Art:
Favorite Songs from the OST in my YouTube Playlist (link or embedded below)


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