Full House Review

Review. Contract marriage turns into love as a bickering cute couple overcomes obstacles.

Full House is a 16 episode 2004 Korean drama where a contract marriage evolves into real love between our two leads. The initial premise is ridiculous.  When scriptwriter Ji Eun returns from her vacation, she finds her best friends have sold her house to famous actor Young Jae. They are immediately at odds how to resolve the situation. They decide to enter a contract marriage in which she’ll earn the house and he’ll make the love of his life jealous. These two are like the odd couple, Ji Eun is messy and Young Jae wants clean.  Along the way they develop feelings for each other. The emotional payoff for this couple is long in coming, with standard kdrama obstacles along the way, making the second half of the series slow-moving as roadblocks keep popping up.

What I liked about Full House:

* Male lead, Young Jae, played by Rain had a cute smile that offset the constant yelling.
I did not know that Rain was a Kpop star while watching Full House. I would have expected him to sing on the soundtrack, but he did not.

If you’ve never seen Rain on American TV check out the May 5, 2008 dance battle with comedian Stephen Colbert (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAiYPbm33Gk) on the Colbert Report.  Rain looks great – toned with perfectly tailored clothes while Stephen Colbert snazzy in red pants just can’t keep up with the Kpop star who proves he is a good sport with natural charisma. The backstory to this dance battle is Rain beat Stephen Colbert in Time Magazine’s online poll of the 100 most influential people. Colbert then began a friendly rivalry with Rain. Heidi in kdramaland has an article with some clips (http://kdramaheidi.wordpress.com/2014/01/03/rain-stephen-colbert/) and the Waygook Effect blog has chronological video clips (http://www.thewaygookeffect.com/2012/04/colbert-rain-feud-video-chronology.html)

Hye Kyo_full_house
* Female lead, Ji Eun, played by Hye Kyo was bubbly, optimistic and fun a perfect counterpoint to our male lead.
You couldn’t help being drawn to this positive character. She was darling singing “Three Bears” for her astonished in-laws in their first meeting. She had good chemistry with every character on the show.

What I did not like about Full House:

* Her best friends, Hee Jin and Dong Wook, were annoying and fast forward material.

full house-couple2
* The story line pace slowed down in the second half of the show
. You could probably skip 4 episodes in the latter half of the show and restart with episode 15 and you wouldn’t miss much. This pacing seems to be typical in kdrama rom-coms, the couple falls in love in first half of the series, then the pace slows to a crawl with obstacles in second half of the series, emotional payoff in the final episode.

OST. The 2004 OST has several tracks I like.

* Destiny by WHY
* I Think I by Byul
* Theme Song by Geu Deh ji Geum


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