Que Sera Sera Review

ReviewQue Sera Sera was challenging, compelling, uncomfortable, a thumbs up!

Que Sera Sera focuses on Tae Joo (Eric Mun), a player, and Eun Soo (Jung Yoo Mi), a naïve girl, and their first journey into love.
Scared of love Tae Joo dumps Eun Soo to be paid boyfriend to a rich girl Hye Rin (Yoon Ji Hye). Eun Soo finds herself drawn to Joon Hyuk (Lee Kyu Han), Hye Rin’s ex-boyfriend. Once Tae Joo decides he wants Eun Soo back, the backlash among the foursome is ugly, complicated, and painful. I liked and disliked each character multiple times during this series. The characters were multifaceted – human, fallible, and much more interesting than the cookie cutter characters in other dramas – dramas that I have enjoyed. The actors were all willing to be unlikable, as well as charming and fun.

If you want easy breezy romance, this isn’t the drama. If you are willing to dive into this drama, you’ll see the painful side of love as well as the bliss. Love means something different to each character in the foursome. You will dislike some of the choices they’ll make and the pain they’ll bring to each other. But each character evolves and eventually makes better choices.

SPOILER – Tae Joo won’t take Hye Rin’s wealth and the executive job, not only for his sake but for hers.
SPOILER – Joon Hyuk will release Eun Soo from their lonely & distant marriage.

These couples break up because their relationships are failures and the best choice is to cut their losses and move on.

SPOILER – In the 2 years after epilog they’ve all moved on and are living fairly happy lives even without their loves. Life goes on, and whatever will be, will be. I loved that our main couple at the last moments of the series get a second chance.

Que Sera Sera was challenging, compelling, uncomfortable sometimes, and it put me in a choke-hold this watch this drama of raw emotions and impactful acting.

Eric was the standout actor of the series. His brash bold portrayal of Tae Joo was simply magnificant and elevated the series to a different level.

I felt sorry for the actress, Jung Yu Mi, that plays Eun Soo.


Episode 1


Episode 9


Episode 17



The show’s stylist and hairdresser did her a disservice as the actress look progressively worse in the series. Even in the 2 years after epilog, the hair extensions and styling were unflattering.

I’ve never seen a show have so many scenes in elevators.

The elevator kiss (episode 3) was a show highlight. When the elevator suddenly stops Tae Joo decides to give what he believes is Eun Soo’s first kiss.
Her lips are pressed together firmly and unyielding. He smiles and gently touches her lips with his. He tells her to relax her lips. She is confused and asks what?
Then he goes in for a real kiss.
Eun Soo: “That was fun.”
Tae Joo: “What?”
Eun Soo: “It’s fun. Want to do it again?”

Eun Soo looks at him hopefully and Tae Soo is stunned speechless. 

Great scene! You can watch the scene in it’s full glory through the link to the youtube video. No subtitles but you do not need them.

What a compelling and interesting couple they were when they were together.




Love the OST for this series. My favorite tracks:

  1. Moonlight – W & Whal
  2. Night Time – Alex of Clazziqua
  3. Bless You – Loveholic
  4. My Two Hands – Alex of Clazziquai
  5. Special People – My Aunt Mary
  6. Shiny Days – Horan of Clazziquai
  7. Marilyn Monroe – W & Whale
  8. Beautiful One – Kim Sang Heon
  9. Come Closer to Me – Brown Eyed Girls

Favorite Songs from the OST in my YouTube Playlist (link or embedded below)


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  2. […] effectively downgrading this compelling character to faithful, patiently waiting, loving man. Que Sera Sera was the first and only drama I had seen Eric in before this role. He and Yu Mi were a compelling […]

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