Top 5 Cute-factor Couples

You know the X-factor in life, something that gives a person an edge. In dramas the memorable couples have the Cutefactor, a special zing that resonates in your heart long after the show ends. These couples enjoy each other and one or both of them are so darling it hurts.  Here are my top 5 scoring Cute-factor couples.

Kim Boong-Do and Choi Hee-Jin, Queen In-Hyun’s Man (2013)
Cute-factor: 10
Him:  Kim Boong-Do is handsome, smart, with a dry wit. He knows he can navigate the time-travel maze to fix the past and be with Choi Hee-Jin in the future. Ji Hyun-Woo’s subtle portrayal of the confident Boong-Do drew me like a moth to the flame. Boong-Do’s traits were like the typical second lead (smart, kind) but in the first lead role.
Her: Choi Hee-Jin is pretty and follows her instincts and heart. She thinks she is dumb but learns otherwise when she relies on her wits and smarts to guide him in the modern world.  Yoo In-na embodied Hee-Jim with the right amount of sass, humor, playfulness and haunting longing as she waits for Boong-Do to return to her.
Which one is cuter: Tie, he is smart-cute and she is playful-cute
Their obstacles: 300 years keeps this couple apart along with talisman/transporter gliches
What makes them special: This couple equally contributes to their compelling romance with kindness, humor, chemistry, and commitment. The fact the actors fell in love during the filming of this series – bonus!

Cha Dae-Woong and Gu Mi-Ho, My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (2010)
Cute-factor: 10
Him:  Cha Dae-Woong changes from spoiled boy to a swoon worthy sacrificing-all-for-his-Gumiho man. Lee Seung Ki has considerable skill evolving jerks to heroes (Shining Inheritance, MGIG, King 2 Hearts).
Her: Gu Mi-Ho’s forthright honestly about her feelings for Dae-Woong and becoming a human are charming (though the honestly waned in the latter episodes to “protect” Dae-Woong). Shin Min Ah portrayed this spunky character with passion.
Which one is cuter: Tie, he is sacrifice-all-cute and she is spunky-cute.
Their obstacles: She’s a 500 year old Gumiho that desperately wants to become human. That wish could kill her. They both have others that strive to keep them apart.
What makes them special: They are willing to die for each other’s happiness. Their joy is palpable. Finger guns blazing for how adorable they are!

Enrique Geum and Go Dok-Mi, Flower Boy Next Door (2013)
Cute-factor: 9
Him: Enrique Geum is the human Energizer Bunny, fast talking, positive, and engaging. Yoon Si-Yoon portrayed Enrique’s enthusiasm and determination to draw out shy-flower Dok-Mi with an almost childlike innocence and determination. No one has ever sported a panda hat better!
Her: Go Dok-Mi is shy and withdrawn from life. Park Shin-Hye’s interpretation of Dok-Mi is gentle and you root for her as she assesses the risks to reenter the world, to commit a new relationship, and to deal with her past.
Which one is cuter: He is cuter than she is. His zest for life can’t be topped.
Their obstacles: Her reclusive life, her former nemesis reappearing, and his devoted demanding fans.
What makes them special: He intuits her right from the start, almost reading her mind, which unnerves her. In the end their roles have reversed and she intuits him. They save each other.

Hwang Tae-Kyung and Go Mi-Nam, You are Beautiful (2009)
Cute-factor: 9
Him: Hwang Tae-Kyung band lead is cynical, smart, selfish, blunt, and precise.  He grows into love and moves away from me to we.  Jang Geun-Seok has great facial expressions!
Her:  Go Mi-Nam is adorable; she makes a pig nose when she’s feeling love. Park Shin- Hye breathed life into this not-so-bright character whose priority was protecting those she loved.
Which one is cuter:  He wins for creating the pig-rabbit and his final declaration of love. I must credit her for the dazed then joyous reaction at his airport declaration of love.
Their obstacles: His Mother’s connection to Mi-Nam and an obsessed-with-him actress.
What makes them special:  Their shared experience at finding love for the first time, he is too cynical and she is too naïve to understand it at first.

Cha Chi-Soo
and Yang Eun-Bi, Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (2011)
Cute-factor: 8
Him: Cha Chi-Soo is a spoiled rich boy who does not understand what love feels like or the worth of another person’s dignity. Jung Il-Woo perfectly portrays Cha Chi-Soo’s pain associated with falling in love, you watch him struggle to figure it out.
Her:  Yang Eun-Bi is played with gusto by Lee Chung-Ah so that you identify with her anxiety; she’s recently been burned in love and hesitates to enter an intense relationship with someone 6 years younger.
Which one is cuter:  He wins not with typical cuteness but with an intensity of love, jealously, and longing for her.
Their obstacles: His rich Dad thwarts their relationship. The owner of the Ramen shop is a strong contender for her.
What makes them special:  They are boiling hot. Memorable moment; she rescues him from his father’s clutches brandishing a plunger (you read that right, a plunger) and they toss aside logic to affirm their passionate love for each other.

You’ve got your own favorite couples. Who are your high scoring Cute-factor couples?


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