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Secret Love Affair Episode 2 Recap

Not good when I want to fast forward in episode 2. Last 2 minutes were the best part of the show. Visiting Sun Jae’s home that has mice around, wimpy husband afraid of mice heads to car, she’s got a mousetrap

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Secret Love Affair Episode 1 Recap

After watching Episode 1, you can understand why our female lead Hye Won will have an affair. She is surrounded by subpar people including her whiny husband Kang Joon Hyung, her witch of a boss CEO Seo Young Woo, and

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Meteor Garden Review

Review. Meteor Garden is a 2001 Taiwanese drama and the 1st TV adaptation of the Japanese comic series Hana Yori Dango written by Yoko Kamio. The storyline follows the love story between poor girl Shan Cai and rich boy Dao Ming

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You Are Beautiful Review

Review. You are Beautiful is a 2009 Korean Drama with 16 episodes that focuses on a band, A.N.Jell, and the relationship between its members when a girl, posing as her twin brother, joins the band. I enjoyed You are Beautiful which was

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Soulmate Review

Soulmate Characters

Review. Soulmate is a 2006 Korean 22 episode drama that looks at the love lives of singles and touches on the question – are there soulmates? The drama doesn’t focuses on soulmates heavily until the man and woman meet that will grapple with

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Top 5 Cute-factor Couples

You know the X-factor in life, something that gives a person an edge. In dramas the memorable couples have the Cute–factor, a special zing that resonates in your heart long after the show ends. These couples enjoy each other and

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